About NBG Screen Print Supply

NBG has become a worldwide provider of quality products and chemistry for the screenprinting, paint, coatings, automotive, building and restoration industries.

NB Garber Inc is recognized for it’s technological innovation within the chemical industry.  NBG’s integration of Chemical, Physical and Biological disciplines unites the power of science, research and technology.  For over 25 years, we’ve been developing and refining chemical and environmental cleaning technologies to meet global demands for safety, performance and sustainability. We are recognized for creating customized products and systems that create real competitive advantages.  We deliver a broad range of specialty chemicals and innovative solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.  Emphasis on Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (ECM), has contributed to our focus on the most efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources, while minimizing the adverse impacts on workers and the natural environment. In its most advanced form, a product’s entire life cycle is considered, from design, raw material and natural resource use to end use and disposal.  Concepts like pollution prevention, energy efficiency, material substitution and maximization of recycled content guide the process.

25 Years ago NBG Technologies revolutionized chemical cleaning technologies.  These innovations in chemical engineering helped advance the performance of our eco-driven chemistry creating a wide range of innovative and sustainable products for the screen printing industry.  In the 1990’s, we also received national recognition when we developed SCRAM-IT, our internationally recognized graffiti removing system affording the user the most cost effective and efficient means to remove graffiti from all interior and exterior surfaces.  Scram-It became part of a growing number of high performance cleaners and specialty removal products for highway and transportation authorities, government agencies and school administrations.

Our expertise in the utilization of a broad range of binders, dispersants, surfactants and rheology modifiers helps to support our product mix for diverse end markets.  Highly experienced, full service technical personnel support our products as we continue to strengthen our global supply chain through manufacturing excellence and reliable supply.

At NB Garber, expertise in chemical manufacturing and global reach are the driving factors in maintaining long-term relationships with customers.  Customers want a supplier capable of meeting their global requirements and we aim to deliver product to them in a timely and cost effective manner.

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