Ink colors are incredibly important for every screen printing job, and not having the right tone or shade can lead to headaches and frustration. At NBG Screen Print Supply, we carry virtually every color you can dream of, from the best manufacturers in the industry. We provide printers with the highest quality plastisol inks in the market.  Our plastisol inventory of white inks, stock and specialty colors as well as additives and modifiers gives screen printers of any size the widest range of options to print on any substrate.  We provide our customers with inks from Rutland’s QCM line as well as Lancer’s Excalibur series and the complete line of Triangle Inks. In addition to our vast selection of inks, we also utilize the QMX Pantone licensed mixing system to create thousands of color matching PMS shades in any size quantity. In addition to our vast selection of inks, we also carry PMS color matching chemicals and ink tools to help perfect your ink projects. Inquire about our ink supplies and browse our ink selection down below!

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