2505 Haze Free Gold

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2505 Haze Free Gold completely and efficiently removes all haze images from screen in as little as 10 minutes!

This powerful solution has been formulated to remove all types of imbedded ink (haze and ghost images) that remains on the screen following emulsion removal.

Fast acting, easy to use with tremendous versatility! 2505 Haze Free Gold is also an excellent degreaser, as it removes dirt, residues and sizings. The product may be utilized in automated screen washer systems and with air operated spray systems. Use it to degrease fabric. Apply it with a brush or spray!



Highly aggressive formulation to remove all types of stubborn plastisol ink (haze and ghost images) that remain on textile screens following emulsion removal. 2505 effectively lifts haze and imbedded ink from the mesh, then emulsifies and dissolves the ink contituents; resins, binders, pigments, plastizers, etc. The solution suspends these constituents so reattachment to the mesh surface is prohibited, thus allowing for water-rinse removal. 2505 is and excellent degreaser, as it also removes dirt, residues, and sizings. 2505 is versatile in its applications. It can be applied via brush or spray.


-Completely & efficiently removes all haze images from screen in as little as 10 minutes.

-Fabric Friendly

-Meets SARA III Requirements

-Low Vapor Pressure: 4.49mm Hg @ 20C

-Low Evaporation Rate


Wear gloves to protect hands. Wear eye protection before use.

Apply 2505 directly to both sides of a WET screen, starting from the center and working to the sides in a circular fashion. Let stand for no more than 10 minutes. To eliminate image, remove with high-pressure water spray starting from the bottom of screen and working to top moving in a slow, side to side motion.

Consult SDS for Safety and Hnadling Information.

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