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With scrub pad, apply 2600 directly to both sides of screen starting from the center and working to the sides. Let stand till dry. To accelerate drying time, place screen in front of fan. Typical drying time is 20 minutes. To eliminate image, it is recommended to then apply Ink Degradents with separate scrub pad (either IR 855 or 2450 UV Clean) onto both sides of screen and immediately rinse with high pressure water spray starting from the bottom of screen and working to top moving in a side to side motion.

2600 is slightly corrosive. Please use appropriate gloves and eye protection when working with this product.

Consult SDS for Safety and Handling information.



2600 removes stubborn stains and ghost images that remain on the screen following emulsion removal. 2600 contains powerful lifting agents and emulsifiers designed to remove old latent images imbedded in the mesh that are difficult to remove with conventional ink degradents or haze removers. 2600 can be easily applied by brush or spray.

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