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822 is an environmentally compliant Auto Screen Wash that works quickly and efficiently to remove plastisol and non-pvc inks in Automated Screen Wash systems or manual recirculating machines to open dried or clogged screen images following production runs.  It slowly evaporates making an ideal cleaner for those facilities with safe and sensitive environmental controls.  822 has a very high flashpoint when compared to lacquer thinners, alcohols, ketones, etc.




822 is designed for enclosed recirculating screen wash units equipped with high pressure spray nozzles to remove PVC and non-PVC plastisol inks. Very low odor. Evaporates slowly so loss of solvent is minimal. Dissolves ink quickly. 822 has a very high flash point.


Low, mild odor

Conditions and opens up screen image areas caused by ink build-up

Protects mesh fabric from deep stains and ghost imaging thus reducing and easing the complete reclamation process of cleaning screens.

Meets SARA Title 3-13 Regulations

Vapor Pressure: .17mg/liter Hg @ 20°C

Total V.O.C. Content: 396g/liter

Flash Point: 210°F

California Compliant


  1. To remove ink from screen images, apply 822 onto squeegee-side of screen and wipe.
  2. To clean screen following production run; first, scrape off remaining ink, then load screens into automated wash systems or manual cleaning recirculating booth. Turn on systems and let run for 5-10 minutes. Manual systems, turn on flow-through brush pump and brush down inks on both sides of screens. Brush clean, mesh, and frames.

Consult SDS for all safety and handling information.

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