Camie 999 Dry Silicone Spray

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Camie 999 is a release agent/lubricant dispersed in solvent. Leaves a colorless and dry film coating for difficult release applications. Produces a slick, friction-free surface with excellent lubricity and anti-static properties.

It is an ideal parting and release agent for screen printing applications.

Its active ingredient complies with FDA regulations.



Dry Lubricant Release Agent that is chemically stable, insoluble in water, non-flammable and thermally stable.
Came 999 imparts a fine, dry film and produces a slick, friction-free surface with excellent lubricity with anti-static properties. Eliminates squeaking and sticking in most applications.

Excellent dry film lubricant for leather, cotton and cotton/poly blended t-shirts, plastics, elastomers, cord, twine, rope and cable.

Reduces friction on metal, saw blades, guides, threaded connections and connectors

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