IR 855 Ink Remover

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pH-neutral Ink Remover.

Completely Biodegradable

Works instantly to dissolve haze and stains.



A pH-neutral and highly aggressive screen cleaner engineered to remove stubborn plastisol, non-PVC, water-based textile screenprinting inks, and light haze images from the screens during the first step in screen reclaiming. 855 contains highly active emulsifying ingredients that dissolves plastisol, PVC-free, and water-based inks. 855 is completely biodegradable and does not contain any harsh solvents. The solution emulsifies and suspends the ink and its constituents so reattachment to the mesh surface is prohibited. Rinse with high pressure water spray. 855 can be applied via brush or spray.


-Efficient; works instantly to dissolve haze and stains


-Neutral pH

-Will not harm emulsions

-Meets SARA Title III Requirements

-Low Evaporation Rate

-Low Vapor Pressure: 0.62mm Hg @ 20C


Brush or spray 855 onto both sides of screen. Work into screen mesh with medium duty scrub pad. Let sit for one to five minutes to dissolve ink residues. Rinse with high pressure water spray. Image will be completely removed.

Consult SDS for all Safety and Handling Information.

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