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SCRAM-IT PASTE is an aggressive formulation designed to cling to all vertical surfaces to remove multiple layers of IMBEDDED PAINTS, INKS AND oversprays QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY FROM ALL NON-PAINTED EXTERIOR SURFACES such as brick, marble, stone, concrete, cinderblock and aggregate.



Mix contents thoroughly for 1 minute to establish paste-like consistency before applying to tainted exterior surface. Work paste into all cracks and crevices and any porous openings and fissures where paint has penetrated with a medium stiff polypropylene brush or scrub pad. After 30 minutes of contact with SCRAM-IT, use brush or scrub pad to break up and emulsify the dissolved paint. Using a high pressure hot water spray (min. 2000 psi), remove graffiti starting at the bottom of the tainted surface moving upward in a side to side fashion. When temperatures fall below 15 C, allow 45 minutes of contact.

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