When it comes to screen printing, inks and color are what makes a great product unique. No screen printing company wants to limit their use of colors on their products. That’s why at NBG Screen Printing Supply, we carry the largest collection of almost every shade of ink colors imaginable. We’ve crafted and created our very own brand of inks in different shades of black, white, and gray, and we also offer a variety of PMS color matching inks, Lancer and Excalibur inks, and QCM inks.

Why is having a large selection of inks and colors neccessary for screen printing? Customers come to you for a unique order and expect it to be fulfilled per their request, and many custom orders require specific shades of a variety of specific colors. If you don’t have the colors the customer wants, they will move on to another business that does, and you will lose a sale.

At NBG Screen Print Supply, you’re virtually guaranteed to find any color of ink you’re looking for. We carry stock colors, mixing colors, all star colors, metallics, glitters, fluorescents, blacks & whites, and base inks. In addition to our inks, we also carry ink tools like quarts and jars for safely containing unused inks.  Browse our entire collection of inks and see if we have what you’re looking for!