Silk Screen Printing Tips

Removing the Ink from the Screen Before Emulsion Removal

Proper ink removal is a plus to employees and our environment.

Plastisols – On press clean up – Put paper on floor

  1.  Remove excess ink from screen and return it to the bucket
  2. Using a spray bottle, spray INK WASH onto the squeegee side. ( about 6 pumps). Take 2 paper towels, and rub any hard ink until it is a liquid.
  3. Take your squeegee, reach away from you to the opposite end of the screen, put the squeegee in as if you were to print, then pull it back to you, bringing all of the liquid with it.
  4. Take 2 more paper towels and sop up as much of the ink as possible(Do not go crazy, get what you can.)
  5. You will also need to wipe the ink found on the substrate side
  6. Now, go to your reclaim area and spray on an INK DEGRADENT. NO ink down drain yet.
  7. Using a brush, scrub the frame, and the mesh area.
  8. Repeat on substrate side.
  9. Now rinse with water. You should have an ink free screen
  10. Spray on your emulsion remover.

The ink degradent is used to encapsulate the ink, and degrading it, making it safe to go down the drain.

ink removal