Screen Printing Supplies

emulsion chemicals


  • Always coat substrate side first, then the Squeegee side
  • Some put 2 coats on each side, some people put one coat on each side
  • Diazo and Dual Cure emulsions must have sensitizer mixed into emulsion before use.

Apply Emulsion to Mesh 

  1. Wipe out scoop coater & Fill coater with enough emulsion to coat the desired number of screens
  2. Tilt screen to a 45 degree angle
  3. Place lip of Scoop Coater 1 inch from bottom of frame on substrate side of mesh
  4. Tilt Scoop Coater toward screen until Emulsion gathers at mesh
  5. Slowly raise Scoop Coater along mesh with light steady pressure.
  6. Stop 1 inch from top of frame
  7. Pour remaining emulsion down the drain. It is contaminated with dust and dirt

Repeat as needed